We feed people too!
Celebrate Entrée’s upcoming restaurant opening in the South Loop with a free dessert!
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Hey there, neighbor!

Thanks for stopping by with your pup. We’re giving 100 people free dessert tastings to celebrate our upcoming restaurant opening.

Vegan dog treat ingredients: pumpkin, whole wheat flour. Non-vegan dog treat ingredients: peanut butter, whole wheat flour, rolled oats, chicken stock.

All we need is your email address! Sign up by Wednesday 5/25 to reserve your tasting.
*Our desserts include dairy, bananas, nuts, gluten and citrus
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Banana Budino
This was the best cake I've tasted in my life.  Where can I get more?  Would love to order an entire cake!
– Cierra Y.
The budino was the perfect level of sweetness. The sea salt made it so yummy!
– Willow S.
The crust was perfect.  The whipped cream was amazing.  The pie was perfect.
– Robert A.
You're Invited!
Block Party

Entrée Block Party

Jan 14-15th, 2022


Entrée is about to launch in Chicago! This weekend, January 14 & 15, we’ll be hosting an exclusive block party for you and your neighbors. If you live in zip code 60607, 60654, 60661, 60614, 60622, or 60647, you are eligible to participate.

Our acclaimed chefs will be preparing delicious flavors that you’ll be able to finish and plate. All you have to do to get a spot is download our app to order today.

We can only serve 50 meals a day so order fast!
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