Your cohost is Alice Waters!

You're a Farm to Table Foodie

When life hands you organic lemons…make lemonade, plant the seeds, and compost the rind.

You approach food as one of the primary ways to maintain harmony and balance with your community and the planet. For you, a meal is especially satisfying when it is locally sourced, contains nourishing ingredients, and has a positive impact on the environment.

You tend to side-step heavily processed foods in favor of snack options where you can count the ingredients on one hand…maybe two. Your friends have learned to enjoy the plant-based dishes you’re always raving about. Now if you could only get them to start composting…

About Entrée

No soggy delivery. No overly complicated meal kit. No big mess. Just delicious flavors prepared by acclaimed chefs, finished and plated by you, and the joy of nourishing those you love.
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